Jon Cozart breaks down what happens after the Disney movie ends.

Disclosure alert: I was never one of those Moms who encouraged my daughter to watch Disney Princess movies. Truthfully I was glad that she never really seemed to get into the whole Disney Princess thing with even a fraction of the enthusiasm she has shown for, say, Harry Potter for example. Now I know that she just was allergic to the very idea of being obedient to anyone, most especially her mother, for any reason at any time. But I digress. To make a long story short, I found Jon Crozart’s alternate ending for four of the Disney Princess movies to be priceless. I think my daughter would too, since Disney Princesses totally are for “babies”. Especially Pochahontas, which was a movie my daughter actually enjoyed. He left out the part though, where Pochahontas’ descendants are herded onto reservations and into residential schools….

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