Why I can’t get over Seth Macfarlane’s Crude Joke about Quvenshane Wallis

True story about raising a girl in this day and age. My daughter is somewhat on the slim side. Therefore I was overjoyed that some stores started offering pants with adjustable waistbands. Because now I could buy pants for her without having the pants fall off her rear end. When she was three, I took her to Old Navy to buy pants but was dismayed to find that while the pants at Old Navy did have adjustable waist bands, they also had the low slung waists that somewhat older girls sometimes like to pair at the time with thongs that might have peaked out of the tops of their jeans. Because toddlers might want to flash a hint of diaper. This was my introduction to a style of dressing that my Mom friends and I euphemistically referred to as “miniature pole dancer”.

My fantasy story about Seth McFarlane theoretically hosting the Oscars in 2003 when Daniel Radcliffe (still in my fantasy world here) wins the best actor award for the first Harry Potter movie: Harry ( I mean Daniel) goes up to get his award and Seth simply says “Wow, you’re twelve and you won the best actor award. What an accomplishment!” Which is the appropriate response when a pre teen wins a best actor award. Of course this is pure fantasy because Mr. Radcliffe did not win a best actor award for any of the eight times he made a Harry Potter movie. Which makes me sad. Because I liked the movies. Which is good because I’ve watched all of them many many many times. (Did I mention I have an eight and ten year old?)

True story about raising a ten year old and an eight year old. We were on a city bus the other day and my daughter loudly asked why a teenaged boy was wearing his pants so low that everyone could see his underpants! From my eight year old son: ” Underpants. Snicker snicker snicker snicker snicker.” Because when you’re eight to ten underpants are shocking! And funny! What does this have to do with Quvenshane? Nothing. It’s just a story which illustrates just how young nine actually is. Nine is not about thinking about dating older actors years in the future. It’s about snickering about undergarments and wearing puppy purses to the academy awards, in the unlikely event that you are nominated for best actress when you are nine, that is.

In short little girls are sexualised in a way little boys never are. Little boys’ childhoods are kept sacred and little boys are treated like little boys. The reason not every one was outraged by Seth MacFarlane’s comments about Quvenshane is that we are far too blasé about the sexualization of little girls, especially little black girls apparently since Ms. Wallis was the butt of way more than her fair share of “humour” ( calling her a c*** the Onion?! Really?! Thank goodness the Onion apologised but come ON! Sooo innappropriate!) If you are a mother of a little girl you see it all the time in the clothes for little girls that look like they really were designed for teenagers who want to dress inappropriately, or in doll designed to look like miniature prostitutes. Don’t believe me? Think back to my story about Mr. Radcliffe, and imagine Seth made a quip about him having sixteen years before he was to old to date some unnamed older Hollywood actress. Still “funny”? Nope, didn’t think so.

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