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Jon Cozart breaks down what happens after the Disney movie ends.

Disclosure alert: I was never one of those Moms who encouraged my daughter to watch Disney Princess movies. Truthfully I was glad that she never really seemed to get into the whole Disney Princess thing with even a fraction of … Continue reading

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The Dale Askey Effect

On February 6th 2013, librarians all over the world learned that Dale Askey, a librarian from McMaster University thinks that the quality of the the books published by Edwin Mellen Press leave something to be desired. And, oh, Edwin Mellen … Continue reading

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Why I can’t get over Seth Macfarlane’s Crude Joke about Quvenshane Wallis

True story about raising a girl in this day and age. My daughter is somewhat on the slim side. Therefore I was overjoyed that some stores started offering pants with adjustable waistbands. Because now I could buy pants for her … Continue reading

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When my daughter stopped being an extrovert (briefly)….

As I wrote earlier, last month I went to the Ontario Library Association conference in Toronto. One thing I really enjoyed was the plenary session by Susan Cain who wrote Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t … Continue reading

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My Pretty Girl

Is she not beautiful?

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My Sweet Pea

My sweet pea, or as I like to refer to him, the cutest little boy ever born. Is he not delightful?

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Autism in Libraries

Like one in 88 people alive today, my son has an autism spectrum disorder. One thing I have learned over the four years since receiving his diagnosis is that autism spectrum disorders are still little understood despite being so prevalent. … Continue reading

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